Buying and Selling A House During The Pandemic

A lot of buying and selling a home is showing your house.  It’s a way for potential buyers to visualize themselves living there.  Lots of Realtors stage homes for showings.  Popular features are all highlighted to draw attention, clutter is minimized, it’s really the “selling” point of the house.

So how are houses being sold in the pandemic era of self-isolation and physical distancing?  I mean we don’t shake hands anymore and sanitation is the number one priority of any public place.  A house showing is no different.

According to The National Association of Realtors, showings require that homes be sanitized before, between and after showings.  All touch points in the home need to be sanitized, such as door handles and any surfaces that were touched during the showing.  Currently, houses must be sanitized between showings which means that a Realtor must wait anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour between showings.

Other safety measures should be adhered to, including clients waiting in their vehicle until the showing.  Realtors should be wearing booties on their shoes, face coverings should be in place, and, of course, the six foot physical distancing should be in place and no hand shaking.  Paperwork should not be handled during the showing and can be send later.

Showings should also be “pre-qualified” and owners should minimize the potential for non-qualified showings by posting plenty of photos and details in all marketing.  And finally, all visits should be logged to maintain record of contact information, name, date, time, location and interactions to provide for contact tracing.

Wow, a lot to do in order to show or visit a house on the market.  The market remains strong thus far in the pandemic.  Continued safe practices will ensure that homes will continue to be sold and, eventually, help prop up the economy of the United States.

Be safe.